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Skin Cancer BCC

Hi guys, this morning I was diagnosed as having BCC Skin Cancer, Yikkes.

My Mum had Rectal Cancer and my Dad recently had treatment for Prostrate Cancer, we have always said if we had a choice of which cancer we get it would always be skin cancer (not melanoma obv)

Back Story:-

Around 3 years ago I went to the GP as I had a tiny sore which my glasses had caused, she said she could see no changes in the skin but said I had done the right thing by getting it checked.

Move forward 2 years and this sore has not only not healed but got bigger (picking it, catching it with glasses or towels not helped) , sent a picture to GP (dermo specialist) who said it was nothing to worry about but will still refer me (on referal he put BCC which confused me because of what he had previously said).

Move forward to Jan this year (still not been seen from referal) I sent another pic to a different GP who too was not concerned as it actually looked smaller than before but would still chase up my referal.

Yesterday had a phone call to say a surgery had been opened up and could I attend. Went there kind of expecting to be discharged with a sore but he said straight away I have skin cancer (BCC) and I am booked in to have it removed at the Burcot Hospital on the 17th. I asked the obvious question of "am I going to die?" he shook his head but with my anxiety that was not good enough and told him he had to look me in the eye, fair play to him he moved his chair sat infront of me smiled and said I am going to be ok.

Cut the cancer out, take skin from my neck to replace the skin thats gone (all in 20 mins ), will take 2 weeks to heel and jobs a good un ( I hope).

Been reading up on this guy (plastic surgeon) and cannot see a bad word said about him.

So basically has anyone else been through this? Looking for reassurance tbh.

P.s The more I think about it the more I am convinced it is not a BCC due to (3 GP's and 2 Pharmacists) saying it's nothing to worry about then all of a sudden I see a private Plastic Surgeon who looked at it (without a magnifying lense or taking a biopsy) and saying it us a BCC. My sceptical is he dosnt think it it but sees a chance to earn a few quid.

  1. I can understand why you would be skeptical in this situation. Skin cancer can present very differently depending on the individual. Did your other doctors offer any ideas as to why this sore hasn’t healed in 2 years and what it could possibly be if it is not skin cancer? I wanted to share an article that includes images of BCC that I hope you’ll find useful I can imagine this must be a difficult decision for you. Please know our community is here for you💙. Sending well wishes, Julie (team member)

    1. Once close acquaintance and a very good doctor told me that on the face, after forty, spots do not just appear, especially long non-healing spots. That there's always a reason for everything. And it's usually pre-cancer or skin cancer. BCC, it's not fatal. Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine. Good health to your family.

      1. Hi, thankyou both for replying.

        Yes they do all present very differently, I struggle to see the difference between a BCC or a SCC.

        I will be having a skin graft from my neck to replace what is taken from my nose, any ideas if I will have to have the dreaded sponge?

        1. do you have a date for your procedure? Unfortunately, I can’t say about the sponge. Did your doctor mention that as a possibility? If you’re comfortable, please let us know how everything goes! Sending positive vibes and healing wishes for your upcoming surgery. -Julie (team member)

      2. Morning

        The procedure is this Sunday (17th March).

        I spoke to the secretary who passed on my questions:-

        1, no sponge in site 😁
        2, very unlikely it has spread to any nearby bone etc.

        I do actually believe it us a BCC now cyst it just does not heal, gets so close to healing then either stays the same or breaks down again.

        Yes will definitely post how it goes, dreading the lidocaine needle in my nose, even though I have afew tatts lol

        1. thanks for the update! Please let us know how it goes. We’ll be thinking of you on Sunday. Sending well wishes, Julie (team menber)

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