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Efudex + Dovonex

Finished 4/5 days of this combo on my face. My whole face is bright red. Is this all skin cancer or are there supposed to be darker spots that are actually the skin cancer? I don’t have any darker spots. I’m a little confused about how this cream works…

  1. ...I am glad you are about to wrap things up--I know what a relief that is!

    I haven't used the combo, but I can tell you from using Efudex, that my face and chest both become red and inflamed. I have been told that Efudex will only react to areas with damage. That being said, when my entire face or chest becomes red, I do have several standout areas that grow darker and more irritated than the rest of the skin. These spots react more quickly and are usually the last to heal when it's all said and done.

    We do have a discussion thread dedicated to the combo treatment. I am including the link here:

    I am also including a link to a Facebook group for users of the combo treatment in case you are interested in joining. I am a member of the companion group for Efudex. I have found it especially helpful over the years. The members are very open to sharing their experiences, and they always jump in with fantastic tips!

    I am wishing you all the best as you finish up treatment. Keep in mind that healing can be more challenging for a few days than the actual treatment. Here's the link to an article on the healing phase that might come in handy.

    Keep us posted! We are here for you! April,, Moderator


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