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Efudex questions and stares

Have you been asked difficult questions about your topical chemotherapy treatment? How did you respond?

  1. No.
    But, may I add, Efudex doesn't bother me a bit. Didn't burn, itch or bug me at all and it cleared up the targeted area nicely.

    1. I am so glad you had such an easy experience! That had to be such a huge relief! April,, Moderator

  2. Now, I feel guilty!

    1. HI, April hope your well in these strange times.

      Got another 4 now two on the scalp and one on the neck and one on my eyebrow yikes on for 3 weeks now and one that's healing on my hand after seeing the skin doctor. Not sure in the us but in the uk ,its like ohh ok start to use a new Efudex ,not care and even what to do use and check like i know more on here then the doctor knows!! so i am now doing this again but not like before all over my face and yes i do use suncream by Heliocare and the oral capsules ,look them up.

      yes i keep out the sun and cover up cap ,hat and cream on all times so strange how i go these unless already waiting to shock me under the skin haha,once again thanks for writing these pages.

    2. We are certainly keeping you in our thoughts as you treat your skin. I know what a challenge it is. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us any time. We are here for you! April,, Moderator

  3. You know, I could get use to this!

    1. I had to use Efudex on my whole face for precancer. I started with just 1 side. At the time, masks were being worn so I was home free…or so I thought. Unfortunately, as it started the healing stage…..scabs, oozing and some bleeding, the mask would stick to my face which in turn made it worse and very painful on removal. I advised my friends and family before I started treatment so there were no surprises. As far as the public……oh well! I wasn’t ashamed or self conscious. I personally knew it was for the best. Once that side healed, the results were absolutely amazing! Soft, supple brand new skin. So when I started the 2nd faze it was much easier to explain…..Comparison….before and after…..did the trick!
      It hasn’t been easy and has been an extremely painful process but I would do it again after seeing the results. I gave my dermatologist a picture book of the different stages of my treatment/face. She was thrilled with it. Now she is able to advise her patients exactly what to expect.

      I say to anyone that must“ hang in there” to anyone going through treatment. It’s not pretty and for most of us, painful but it definitely needs to be done and you will feel much better having taken this step to stay healthy.

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