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Forehead & Scalp

What should one expect with treatment on their forehead and scalp. Will there be tightness, pain, or numbness? Share your knowledge and hear what others are saying in the forum below.

  1. I'm George,older guy trucked all life,out in sun everyday never wore even a hat,,I had an mos. Surgery between my eyes,about 5 months ago,went back for three month visit,had 7 spots frozen,,went back one month later 7 more precancer spots frozen and one biopsy,which turned out ok,,two days after the 7 frozen spots,one more came on my forehead,,I don't know what to expect,,I went today to a different nurse and she wouldn't freeze my spot,,she prescribed,efudex,chemo creme,,I read about the horror stories and as of now am terrified to try it,,I'm in pain all the time from 5 bulging discs in back,full of arthritis,and imflamation,have tinitus in ears really bad ,ringing,,and emphysema,,I already have a lot of pain,no children and no support crew,,I can't afford to feal worse,,am I right to not take this chemo stuff ,someone help,God bless

    1. Hi , I'm not sure if this will be helpful or frightening, but we do have a forum that talks about Efudex here: It might be useful to read some of their questions and experiences. If you do end up trying the chemo, April's articles will be really good, including this one: We're always here for you to vent and comment about how things are going. It sounds like you've been through quite a lot of pain, which can affect your emotions too. - Nina, Team

  2. Scalp acne may be treated with medicated shampoos or ointments

    1. Thank you for sharing the information with us.

      1. I'm also here to read everyone's review.

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