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Healing after stopping Efudex

Have just stopped Efudix , area about 2” on chin/cheek still very raw and bleeds after washing with plain water & patting dry With tissue takes top off .
What is best way to treat this & how long before it should show signs of healing .
Would be so grateful for any advice, can cope with pain & itching if it would just improve a little .
Looks 100% worse than before I used cream .
Thank you.


  1. ...I completely understand what you are going through. The healing stage is actually much more difficult for most people than the actual treatment phase itself. It is perfectly normal for you to be experiencing even more discomfort right now. It takes several days, but you will begin to feel some relief soon. Healing will begin to move fairly quickly very soon.

    During the healing phase, my doctor has told me it is okay to use mild lotions like Vanicream to soothe the burn. I also like to use cold packs to numb the area when I can. This really helps with the burning and stinging that seems to never end. I apply Vanicream almost religiously during the 3-5 days following my last application. This really helps to speed things along.

    There are many patients who state that Vaseline and Aquaphor help soothe the skin during healing. I am allergic to petroleum products and don't get that same benefit when I try them.

    I am including an article on the healing phase. I hope it answers some of your questions. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us any time. We are here for you!

    All my best,
    April,, Moderator

    1. Thank you April for your reply.
      Is it best to leave the scab rather than it coming off when my face is damp after splashing with water ? Do I apply Vanicream on top of scab or wait until it has gone ?

      Also my nose treated for 3weeks the same as my face is red,sore & covered with yellow
      scabs, does this mean it needs more treatment or is it healing?

      Thank you so much for your help.

      1. ...Generally speaking, it is best not to pick at the scabs that have formed. My best advice and what's worked well for me is to gently roll off the dead skin once it has softened in the shower. This seems to work well and actually speeds the healing process along as it removes those patches that want to tighten up and sting when your skin is dry.

        I apply Vanicream 30 minutes to an hour following a shower or washing my face with water and a gentle cleanser during the healing phase. It will help keep those scabbed areas softened.

        From my experience, the yellow scabs are an indication you are definitely in the erosion phase and ready to begin healing. Those scabs should begin to work loose over the next several days. Focus on keeping them lotioned up as much as you can.

        If you have any concerns at all about your stage in the treatment process, don't hesitate to reach out to your prescribing physician or shoot a few pics to him/her with your questions.

        I am including a couple of articles about the erosion phase and lingering redness. They may help you in the days to come.

        Wishing you all the best and hoping you get some wonderful results!
        April,, Moderator

    2. Thank you so much April for your advice,much appreciated. I will hopefully be able to tell you soon of good results.

      1. ...looking forward to hearing from you and see some awesome results! April,, Moderator

    3. Hello April, i can now tell you my face & nose are clearing beautifully thank you .
      I visited my doctor as I was concerned my face wasn’t healing . He prescribed Fucibet cream , he thought it could have become infected. It is now nearly clear .
      Thank you again for your kind help & advice April.

      1. ...I am so glad to hear this! I know you are relieved to have that behind you! Reach out to us any time! April,, Moderator

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