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Let's Talk Scars

Nervous about a new treatment and the scars it might leave? Struggling with scars from past treatments? Share your thoughts on skin cancer scars in this forum!

  1. I feel like I'm Frankenstein at this point. Have numerous scars, and the ones on the face are the hardest to deal with. I have one on my left temple that is massive. Just now getting use to it and learning to hide it better.

    1. , please know it's completely normal to feel uneasy in your body after all these scars and treatments. One of our advocates mentioned feeling "like a piece of meat" during appointments and treatments. It's a process of learning how to feel comfortable again.

      Not sure if you've seen this article where Judy talks about the stresses her date night brought up with her scars: This one provides a slightly different perspective too: Do you have any tips about how to get used to it?

      - Nina, Team

  2. Moh’s right cheek last October. I don’t think it healed well(repeated appts to drain fluid over first 3 months). But it has improved and I’m used to it. My annual derm appt is tomorrow so I’ll see if more scars are in my immediate future.

    1. Hi , I'm sorry it was a rough healing process for you - I wonder if you would be willing to share how you got used to it? Was it simply the passing of time? I hope you'll let us know how your appointment today went. Hoping for no news/good news! - Nina, Team

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