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Ocular Melanoma

Share your experiences and questions about ocular melanoma. As always, keep in mind our community rules when posting!

  1. My optometrist recommended special sunglasses for coverage and protection of my eyes—in light of my skin cancer issues. I always wear them when I am outside.

    1. Super smart to do. How are your sunglasses different? Scott moderator

    2. Maui Jim is supposed to have good coverage. I’m not sure how attractive, but I feel like they work. Sunglasses

  2. Those are super cool! I like them. Thanks for sharing. Scott moderator

    1. What about regular checks with an optometrist or ophthalmologist? Does that seem warranted?

      1. I see the optometrist every year, but I don’t know if she’s checking for that. I’ll call today and ask. Thanks.

      2. So glad you promoted me to ask! I go to the optometrist yearly but she does not screen for cancer. Good to know that! I will be setting that up elsewhere ASAP. Knowledge is vital.

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