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Medical tattooing

Two years ago I had a 28mm piece of skin removed (infiltrative BCC) from the tip of my nose. At the time, no plastic surgeon was available and the dermatologist doing the procedure didn't feel confident doing a skin flap. As the piece was too large to take from behind my ear, he took the graft skin from my clavicle. He said that was safest as it would be easier to put right later by a plastic surgeon. The graft has healed well, but I'm left with an irregularly shaped, different coloured and textured skin covering my nose tip.

This morning I discussed possible revision surgery with a plastic surgeon (over the phone - he couldn't see my nose!). He confirmed a skin flap would have given a better result and said he could take off the graft and do a local flap (not forehead flap). He said 'that would make sense', but I would have to go private as the NHS (I live in the UK) would not pay for this.

He then suggested that a simpler option would be medical tattooing which can blend scars and skin. He told me that 'Some outcomes can be fantastic'. This procedure would again be private.

Have any of you heard of this or had this done? How did you feel about the result? Alternatively - have any of you had revision surgery to replace a graft with a flap. How did you feel about the process and the outcome. Was it better?

  1. I too, had a piece of my nose taken by MOHS. It was the size of a silver dollar (US) stretched. The derm and surgeon took a 1/2” swath from my cheek wrinkle zone) and flapped it up over my nose. It is healing well. My face is pretty lopsided now though. I am very interested in medical tattooing. If you have this, please let us know. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope folks answer your questions. Best!

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