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Mohs Surgery

Please tell me the best way to care for this secondary open wound after Mohs Surgery. I think I should have gotten stitches, but the Mohs surgeon just gave me the option of stitches or open wound. I wish he had just stitched it up without asking me. I am desparate for encouragement!

  1. ...I am so sorry that your Mohs surgery is causing you so much distress. I completely understand your concerns. It's difficult to deal with any excision site, but an open one raises even more questions.

    I haven't had an excision site left open, but I did some research and found a few articles that might help you out.

    This one has some information on reducing scarring:

    It looks like the consensus is to keep the area moist to reduce the chance of scarring.

    I hope this information helps you and gives you some encouragement. I know what it feels like to worry and wonder. Sending you lots of hugs for healing!

    April,, Moderator

    1. I have had MOHS left open. I keep it moist with white petroleum jelly, keep it covered until I can see the edges knitting inwards and as it heals until it looks just a bit crusty on the edges. Usually I heal up well. I do use ScarRid after it looks closed. I think it makes a difference. Good luck, gcrain. Nothing is beyond you, you can manage this with patience. Your MOHS will heal.

      1. ...Thank you for your advice and encouragement for . We are glad you are a member of our community! Sending you hugs for continued healing! April,, Moderator

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