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I had a brown spot high on my cheek I thought was melasma. It is a cluster of acidic keratosis so I had it frozen 3 days ago. Its swollen around my eye and has turned black. I am beginning to regret it. Will it get better? Help!

  1. ... I am so sorry. I know how painful cryotherapy can be. It sounds like you may have had a rather large area frozen compared to most. While I have never had the same reaction close to my eye, I have some mild swelling with freezing. Have you tried using a cold pack? I would watch the swelling, and if it doesn't go down, I would contact my doctor's office. They should be able to give you some guidance and an idea of how long to expect to see swelling following the procedure.

    I am glad you had the spot checked. It can be so hard to tell what is harmless and what is precancerous. I know it is hard to cope with the after-effects of a procedure, but it is better than the alternative. You are proactive, and that is what counts!

    All my best, April,, Moderator

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