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Newbie with questions

I'm about to start my 1st ever round of Efudex and wonder if my hair will suffer lol. Don't care just curious! Can I moisturize as soon as the cream absorbs? Can I moisturize between cream sessions often to ease symptoms? Has anyone tried cbd oil to soothe? Any other advice?

  1. I’m glad you reached out! While you’re waiting for others in the community to share any personal experiences, I found a few of the many articles on Efudex that I thought may be particularly helpful:,, Will you be treating multiple areas or just one? I can link more specific articles on treating certain areas if you’d like as well. We know Efudex treatment can be difficult, our community is here to support you the best we can! -Julie (team member)

    1. thanks this will be helpful! For the moment I'll be treating just my face, forehead and scalp. I'm sure I'll have questions as I go through this but for-the-moment I'm just wondering about process.

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