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Pain after excision - how long will it last?

From the community: Curious how long until the pain's gone after excision....I had unstaged melanoma but a fairly large incision that 1 year later is still tender some days.

  1. 15 months ago & mine is tender MOST days.

    1. Thanks for sharing your info, ! Is it bothersome, or something you get along with? Wonder if you use any treatment or remedies? - Nina, Team

    2. it is somewhat bothersome, I just get along. Really hoping it gets better, but 15 months later, im kinda on the "i doubt its going to" side. I remind myself to not complain per say, im so blessed & grateful to be alive.

  2. I wish it would go away and you wouldn't have to deal with it, , but I'm glad you're able to see the positives too! - Nina, Team

    1. Thank you so much.

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