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Prevention, diagnosis, treatment: which of these do you feel the most knowledgable about?

They are all important but I think that I am most knowledgable about prevention, then diagnosis, followed by treatment with regard to skin cancer.

  1. I feel equally knowledgeable about prevention and treatment.

    1. seems that treatment options are often the least clear. Scott moderator

  2. For me, it’s prevention. Every time I see my dermatologist she spends time on prevention. And it has been the same with my other dermatologists.

    1. Smae here. Scott moderator

  3. I also think prevention is what I know most about. It gets talked about a lot and, frankly, there isn't a whole lot to know. No tanning beds. Use sunscreen. Wear protective clothing and gear. Avoid direct sunlight in key hours. Not that those aren't super important, but there's not a ton of things to know to really help yourself stay healthy. As far as diagnosis and treatment, that runs the gamut since there's different types of skin cancer with different levels of treatment, etc etc. Good to know a little about all of them I think but prevention can keep us from needing to know the rest!

    1. Thank you for your reply. I agree that prevention is the most important across the board and is the one topic that seems to be most written about/discussed in the general public and media. I think once you are diagnosed and need a certain treatment that you become more informed about specifics of those treatments. Scott moderator

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