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Hi there, I've had this mole for forever and it have never bothered me. A couple of days ago something most have irritated it because now I am aware of it. It doesn't hurt, but when I'm changing and my clothes brush against it I'm aware of it. If that makes sense. It's on my side, several inches below my armpit, so getting a good picture was tricky. It is maybe slightly smaller than the eraser on a pencil. Does this look abnormal to anyone? I am freaking out. Also, I have only seen a dermatologist once in my life and it took 6 months to get it. Can I go to my regular doctor for this? Thanks!

  1. I had a similar spot on my stomach. I never thought it could be skin cancer. I asked my doctor about having a mole removed from the side of my nose. She told me it was a basal cell carcinoma. So I showed my dermatologist this spot on my stomach, and he said it was also basal cell carcinoma. Yesterday my daughter noticed a dark spot on my scalp. I’m seeing the dermatologist tomorrow, hoping it’s not melanoma. Please have it checked out. Early detection is so important.

    1. ...I am wishing you well with your appointment! I am so glad you are being proactive and examining your skin for new/changing spots.

      Please keep us posted on your results! I am hoping you get the all-clear this time!

      April, SkinCancer.net, Moderator

  2. ...I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I know how stressful it can be. While we aren't physicians, we can suggest you see a dermatologist if possible. Changes in moles and other lesions are reason enough to seek medical advice. I would say if you are now more aware of it, that is a good indication you need to have it checked.

    As far as seeing your regular doctor, I agree. My nurse practitioner is the one who biopsied my melanoma, and she was then able to get me into a dermatologist much more quickly than if I had tried to wait out an appointment myself.

    I am including an article you might find helpful as you make your decisions. It includes a memory aid that is useful when examining moles and other troublesome lesions and spots.


    I am wishing you all the best as you move forward. Please keep us posted! We are here for you any time.

    April, SkinCancer.net, Moderator

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