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Should I get sun spots removed as proactive strategy to reduce skin cancer risk?

Hi, i am new here - i apologize if this is an inappropriate post and appreciate guidance. I don't have skin cancer but i am at higher risk due to gene mutation and family history. I am aggressively monitoring and proactive (I think), using MoleScope app to catalogue each month (if i wasn't in USA/Canada i would use SkinVision and machine learning to check my moles, but alas, regulatory or other politics is delaying its availability it seems). So in lieu of machine learning, I am learning all my moles, i go to Derm every 3-4 months and now i wonder if i should get my numerous and sun spots on my back removed as a further proactive strategy. Maybe there is clinical trials around better ways to detect skin cancers in USA somewhere - if so i would sign up in a heartbeat.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you!!

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