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What symptoms alerted you to a problem spot?

What signs did you see that your mole or spot might be skin cancer? Were they the common symptoms or something else? If you didn't have any, how did they find it?

  1. My melanoma was a misshapen mole that was not very noteworthy. My best friend spotted it and suggested I have it checked. My basal cell carcinomas were all dry and flaky spots that would not go away with moisturizing. They also tended to bleed lightly and easily in the shower. April,, Moderator

    1. My melanoma was right next to a mole I have had for as long as I can remember. It looked like one mole grew next to my "normal" one and then tried to take over the other mole. I went to get it checked because my mole changed. I knew enough that moles changing isn't usually good.

      1. Thank you for your expert answer, ! My derm always asks specifically if the mole has changed. Even if it looks strange, she's more concerned with whether it has always looked that way or evolved over time. - Nina, Team

      2. Just got back from dermatologist. One spot on my hip that was new last year is already growing and changing. Off it came! Currently NED from melanoma on my calf.

    2. , hoping for good news re: the changing spot. Perhaps you'll let us know what they find? If you ever want to share a longer story of your melanoma, you can always submit a story here: How did you spot the melanoma on your calf? So glad you're NED now!! - Nina, Team

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