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Do you get self-conscious about skin checks?

Did you ever get nervous about stripping down at the derm? Do you still?

  1. Some useful quotes from our community members on Facebook:

    - Hahaha! Yes, at first I was all about the modesty and felt very exposed and awkward. Now I'm like, "Hey! Dont forget to check under my boobs!"
    - Had melanoma 9 years ago. Have had an annual check every year since. Still feel totally awkward. But, definitely glad I get them!
    - Got my skin checked today. 5 biopsied & fingers crossed. After doing this for the past few years, the anxiety isn’t in the skin checks, it’s in the wait that comes after.
    - Still dread the skin checks... nothing like having you body examined with a tiny light all over.... I do it though... every 3 months..

    What are your thoughts?
    - Nina, Team

    1. I chat with my dermatologist while she is doing it and so it takes my mind off what is happening. We have become such good friends, I know all about her failed engagement, and the website where she met a much nicer guy, and the wedding and the beautiful baby! We talk more while she is zapping me than when she is examining me but I have gotten so comfortable with her that no, I'm not self-conscious.

      1. What a great way to get comfortable fast, , it sounds like she is a pro at the human part of the exam. My derm and her assistants are the same way. You'll have to keep us updated on her wonderful family! - Nina, Team

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