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Tolak Day 9

How can I tell when enough is enough? My skin on my chin is so dark red & crusted it looks near brown and is splitting.
I am on day 9 of 14 with twice a day application.

  1. Topical Chemotherapy, like Efudex, can be overwhelming but each person reacts individually to this treatment. If you haven't already, you might want to reach out to you dermatologist's of doctor's office. In the meantime, because so many people have questions on efudenx, there's a guide to topical chemotherapy on the site. You'll find it here:

    I hope you get some relief soon.

    Kathy (Team Member)

    1. I am at week three of four today with two times a day applying efudex. Finally the bowens on the side of my face next to my good ear has finally reacted to it , though so slowly, I also applied it to my chin, I knew I had a spot there so covered my chin and it’s almost instant reaction, bright red, itchy and swollen, only hurts after I clean and dry the area before reapplying.

      1. Good to hear you are almost through your treatment. It can be a lot! April wrote an article about how she had to power through her treatments What did you do to keep going?
        Allthe best
        Kathy ( Team Member)

    2. I really feel that the chin and areas by smile lines react no matter what....I had no spots in that area but my entire chin and between nose and chin at smile line cooked almost immediately with my Tolak treatment. My pre-cancer areas on my cheeks have already peeled and are recovering, but my chin and smile line are still very tender and peeling.

      1. I hope you are able to get relief and healing soon! Please keep us updated with how you're doing if you'd like.
        Well wishes,
        Christina, Team

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