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After 5 weeks of Efudex twice a day and about another 3-4 weeks to heal, I was so very happy to have a healed, pain-free bottom lip. Sadly, within a month, the AK lesions returned. Next week I meet the plastic surgeon for a consult on the referral for a Vermilionectomy. Pretty anxious about that process but would be nice to eat, drink, brush my teeth without the stinging pain. Love to hear from anyone that has gone through this procedure.

  1. im so sorry you are suffering from the same pain and misery I have been dealing with. How did you stand using efudex for that long? You had to be in horrible pain! I used it 2 weeks twice a day and had to take a week off. I just finished a 3rd week and im feeling the pain when eating, drinking and even brushing my teeth!
    I had know idea I had a problem on my lower lip until an annual dermatology visit. Im waiting for a follow up visit after my lip has time heal.
    I pray your surgery goes well.

    1. Appreciate the shared experience. I hear you on the efudex. The derm doc told me 4 weeks - or 5 weeks would be better if I can manage that. Yeah truly sucked. I had the days on a paper calendar and counted them down. Used Vaseline between efudex applications. The derm doc was a funny guy. Said at least we are in this mask era so didn't have to look hideous at the grocery store! Had the results lasted, I would have considered it well worth the pain. But a mere month of healed relief before the lesions returned was rather disappointing. At least it gave me a Christmas season with pain-free eating and drinking! Thanks for the good wishes for the surgery. Maybe I'll end up with Angelina Jolie's lips. Should be striking in a 50 something dude. Good luck to you.

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