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What is one thing that skin cancer has taken from you that you wish you could have back?

You get one thing back. What is it?

  1. The top of my ear? Haha! In all honesty, I'd actually rather give back something that it gave me - the anxiety of recurrence and other cancers popping up after 2 melanoma's. Hangs over me like a cloud and I hate it.

    1. sorry about your ear and even more upsetting is the anxiety. I feel the same way. Scott moderator

  2. Being able to lay out in the sun or float around on a raft or kayak and not be worried. A suntan!

    1. I am not sure. Perhaps it will come to me.

    2. Can you do those things with precautions and still enjoy yourself? Scott moderator

  3. My sense of peace. I feel like I am constantly anxious now about my skin. Sun protection. I just want to feel at peace. It does not seem like a lot to wish for. Is it?

    1. I think contentment and peace of mind are at the top of anybody’s want list. I think your advocacy for and finding your voice in helping others will continue help you heal emotionally from this. You help others. Scott moderator

      1. Thank you for your kind words.

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