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What is the ideal amount of time between dermatology appointments for you?

Some of us go a few months. Some of wait a year. How about you?

  1. I think it is different for each dermatologist and each person’s skin. I go every 3 months. The last two doctors I saw wanted that same schedule. For me, it’s always a conversation. I want the dermatologist’s guidance, and I also have my own feeling about what is too long to wait. My doctor recently said a lot of changes can happen to your skin in 3 months. For me, taking time for a skin check is a small price to pay. Because I have to travel to my doctor, I have to take 2 days off work, hotel, etc. Again, a small price to pay.

    1. I went every three months for over 6 years. After a couple of years of clean visits and nothing changing my regular dermatologist suggested going every 6 months. I talked it over with my specialist as well and we all agreed it would be ok. I always have the option to get something checked out if I need to or change it back to 3 months, etc. I was a little hesitant but it’s been a welcome change to have a longer break.

      1. well I think it is mainly due to the difficulty in living life in 3 month blocks. Just when you begin to feel good about things, it’s time for another appointment and all that is brought with it. Going every six months seems to allow me to put aside some of my anxiety and live a little more. I imagine this is a case by case basis and I’m sure not everyone would be comfortable extending time between appointments. With the support of my team and knowing I can go in whenever I need to, I appreciate it more than I thought I would. I will say that I wouldn’t have suggested it myself. My dermatologists felt it was ok based on the amount of good visits I had in a row. One biopsy or suspicious mole would have changed their thinking I’m sure.

      2. This makes perfect sense to me. I think that for some there is added anxiety in seeing the dermatologist more often, as you noted. For others, seeing the dermatologist more often allays their fears. I think it is great that you self check and can get in to see your doctor if you see something suspicious. I like that you have a good relationship with your doctors and that there is mutual decision making and open lines of communication. I like how you are handling things. Please keep us updated ad thank you for weighing in. Happy Holidays! Scott moderator

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