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hi everyone im 21 years old and have just noticed this strange looking mark on my leg, obviously nobody can tell me if it’s skin cancer over a forum and I’m not expecting that. I rang up the out of hours helpline and they just recommended I ring my GP on Monday. I just wanted some guidance online until then, like I said, I know nobody is a doctor but I just am wondering what other people think of it. It’s slightly raised but it’s not a scab. Any thoughts?
On my leg

  1. ...It sounds like you are diligent about checking your skin, and that is something to be proud of! Skin lesions come in so many shapes in forms--it's hard to say which suspicious spot will turn out to be skin cancer and which won't. I can tell you that my basal cells were small flakes of dry skin, and my melanoma was a dark irregularly shaped mole. The squamous cell I just had removed was barely pinker than the skin around it. None of my skin cancers looked like the spot on your leg.

    I am including an article with images of skin cancers. It may help you as you move forward.

    Here is an article on biopsies. Your doctor may decide to do a biopsy to give you a definitive answer.

    Please keep us updated on your visit! We are here for you!

    April,, Moderator

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