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Tips for Finding a Good Plastic Surgeon

If you have skin cancer removed, then you know there is a possibility you may need reconstructive work - especially if the cancer was on your face. Finding out who can do that work may be as simple as having it done at the same time, at your dermatologist’s office. But if you do need work later, here are tips for finding a good plastic surgeon.

Proper medical credentials

I had all of my plastic surgery done at the same time as my skin cancer removal surgery. Both of my dermatologists had an in-house plastic surgeon. This made it simple and easy. Not everyone has that choice, though.

One of the first things to look for is if the plastic surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is crucial so that you get someone with the proper medical training and experience. Physicians can have many different types of credentials and certifications, and may be members of various professional societies. When it comes to your body, you only want the best.

Consider a second opinion

You need to feel comfortable with the person you choose. Don’t feel obligated to choose the first doctor you visit. Look at their approach, how they treat you, and even their tone of voice. I realize that it will cost you a copay for each consultation, but you do not want to get stuck with a doctor who may not be the right fit.

As advised by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons,

Much like finding the right family doctor or personal trainer, it may take a few tries before you meet a surgeon you feel comfortable enough with to trust. Having a personal rapport and ease of communication with your surgeon and surgical staff can mean the difference between a good plastic surgery experience and a great one.1

If you’re not able to have a second opinion due to budget constraints, do a little research into what others think of this doctor. There are often reviews available so you can gain more insight into the experiences of others.

Make sure the surgeon you choose is honest with you. Instead of promising you the world or telling you what you want to hear, look for someone who shares reasonable answers on what to expect.

Ask questions when finding a good doctor

When it comes to plastic surgery, you can never ask too many questions. A plastic surgeon who rushes you may not be a good fit. Below are a few questions I think are important. What others would you add to this list?

  • What will the recovery time be?
  • What should I expect as far as my appearance after surgery?
  • Do you have extensive experience in this type of procedure?
  • What about after hours care?
  • How many visits are needed until completion or for follow up?

Take a deep breath

It’s not that intimidating to find a good plastic surgeon as long as you take a deep breath and don’t let it stress you out. Hopefully, your dermatologist has an in-house doctor. If not, these tips should help you find the right plastic surgeon for you.

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