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Making Sunscreen Routine

Sunscreen is a part of my skincare routine 365 days a year. There was a time, however, when SPF was the furthest thing from my mind and not in any way a part of my skincare regimen. Whether I am running to the store and don’t plan to spend time on makeup or whether I am dressing for a day at school, I have at least an SPF of 30 on any exposed skin.

Daily moisturizer

Moisturizers can make or break a skincare routine. I begin and end each day with Vanicream Lite Lotion. It’s a must-have for me as I have sensitive skin and react poorly to many products on the market. With no dyes, no fragrances, and no parabens, it’s one of the most effective lotions I have ever used. Vanicream is also my saving grace following treatment with Efudex.

Sunscreen recommendations

My daily sunscreen favorite is Supergoop’s Superpower Sunscreen Mousse. It’s an excellent lightweight option for those who want an SPF of 50 on a daily basis without the greasy residue. I apply Supergoop sunscreen to my face, neck, and chest each day and reapply as needed throughout the day. Few sunscreens that boast to be lightweight are actually worth the price, but this one is worth every penny. Amazingly enough, it only takes a small amount to cover my face, neck, and chest--a little dab will do it.

I opt for something a little less expensive on my arms as I am covering a larger area on a daily basis. My dermatologist recommends an SPF of at least 30, and I finally found a great sunscreen at an affordable price that I am satisfied using every day before work. Australian Gold’s Botanical Sunscreen is one of the best I have found in recent years. It has a light scent and spreads easily. When they say “non-greasy,” they mean it--it absorbs quickly and provides great protection.

Makeup with SPF

It’s important to me to wear makeup with SPF as well. InstaReady BB Cream by Physicians Formula contains an SPF of 30 and provides another layer of protection for my face. I top it with their Cover Tox Ten Wrinkle Therapy Face Powder because--you know--age.

Don't forget the lips

Several years ago, my dermatologist suggested I use protection for my lips as I had recurring actinic keratoses around my lip line. Prior to her suggestion, protecting my lips had never occurred to me. Once I began to research products with SPF for my lips, I found several on the market readily available in local stores like Wal-mart and Walgreens. I now use Banana Boat lip balm daily. With an SPF of 45, it provides protection and a nice base for any lipstick I choose.

Over the years, I have become a bit of an SPF snob--and I am completely okay with that. I find myself questioning friends who are selling makeup products and asking sales associates in Sephora and Ulta to show me the lipstick lines that offer SPF options. Of all the things a person can be snobbish about, trust me, sun protection is the one you want to choose.

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