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Ten Life Saving New Year’s Resolutions: How Did I Do?

So, it’s the year 2020. I can’t believe it, really. Seems like yesterday we were all concerned about Y2K and its possible ramifications. With the new year, it’s about time to consider what I want to do and be for the next twelve months. It’s NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION TIME! Actually, it’s not because instead of creating some new goals and objectives, this time I want to reflect on what I was highly resolved to accomplish this past year.

Looking back on the year

Here were my top ten resolutions for 2019 and my comments on each:

1. Put on sufficient sunscreen (SPF 30+) every day and reapply on days that I swim or sweat a lot.

Sadly, I did not apply every day. I applied most days and missed a few days when I was working on an interior movie set or during one of our Buffalo blizzard days. I did reapply on those few days that I was outside in the hot sun or got wet.

2. Limit my sun exposure to less than one hour every day.

This was easy. I made choices to limit my sun exposure whether in my day/event planning or finding shade while outside. This was always foremost in my mind.

3. Wear long sleeves every day.

I accomplished this. I was able to find a number of lightweight long sleeve shirts that were comfortable during the summer months. Summers are short in Buffalo. This means that when the sun is out, people are out in it. I have my own long sleeve wardrobe for this time of the year.

4. Wear sunglasses on sunny days.

I do this. I know that it’s important to protect my eyes from dangerous sun rays and the inevitable headaches from constant squinting. I don’t love sunglasses or glasses in general, but this was easy to accomplish.

5. Remind my family twice a year about the importance of sun protection, self-checks, and doctor’s visits.

I may have overdone this. A few of my articles over the past year centered on my family and their skincare. I think this made me hypersensitive to the feelings of responsibility for them. I don’t apologize for this. I just don’t want to be annoying and have a negative impact.

6. See my dermatologist every six months.

I saw my dermatologist three or four times this year. Actually, I saw his PA, too because of a few suspicious spots that I discovered. I am never shy about giving them a call to set up and appointment.

7. Check my skin for moles once a week.

Did it.

8. Find a new and creative way to advocate for safe sun practices twice a year.

Failed. I need to do better in this.

9. Wear a hat every day.

Win. I think that I have over 100 baseball hats. I love to collect them. I wore them religiously.

10. Rethink this list every month.

I don’t think that I purposefully did this. I think that I am always thinking creatively about what I can do, but I don’t set aside a time to rethink this list. I probably need to do a better job of evaluating my efforts to help the skin cancer community on a regular basis.

Getting better at advocating

Here you go. I believe that there is value in reviewing past resolutions as a way to be better informed in making new ones. My big “take away” here revolves around the idea of finding more creative ways to advocate for safe skincare practices. One immediate thought is that I would love to help make a public service announcement. See, I’m finding my way already!

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