sun rays being blocked by multiple skin care products

My Skincare Products

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” - Ben Franklin

I grew up in a time and place where no guy I ever knew discussed skincare products. We never concerned ourselves with lotion or moisturizer or sunscreen. We would shower on occasion and wash our hair (most of the time) and use whatever soap was on the little shelf. We were out the door with our baseball glove, school backpack, and lunch pail. That was pretty much how I handled my business for the first thirty or so years of my life.

Things are different now

Now, things are a little different. Not only do I have numerous skincare products, but I actually bring them with me. In my car, I have lotions and potions and other helpful items in my battle against the sun’s harmful rays. Since a good portion of my work may be on exterior film/television sets, I need to have what amounts to a portable pharmacy. Often hair and makeup folks have sunscreen on hand to help the crew and cast, but I like to have my own supply.

Here is what I bring and why:

The sunscreens

  1. I always put on a daily moisturizer with broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30. This goes on daily no matter the time of year. I bring this with me.
  2. I bring a broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen that is specially designed to be used on the face.
  3. I bring a broad spectrum SPF 55 designed for general usage.
  4. I bring a sunscreen stick with SPF 70 that can be applied without touching the product.
  5. I bring an SPF 50 sunscreen that is specially designed not to irritate the eyes. This is really important as most sunscreens hurt my eyes.
  6. I bring an SPF 30 scalp spray. Older dudes take note.
  7. I bring an SPF 15 lip balm. Can be used for sun protection or to protect against chapping.
  8. I bring an SPF 50 sport sunscreen spray designed for longer protection against the effects of sweating and swimming and can be applied easily and quickly without touching the product. This is the product that is most easily shared with others.

The supplies

  1. I bring an umbrella. It can double as a parasol if needed.
  2. I bring a hat. (probably need a wide-brimmed one, but at least a baseball cap)
  3. I bring a sun-blocking hoodie. They can be found easily online.
  4. I bring a towel.
  5. I bring sunglasses, even on cloudy days. They are designed to block out harmful uv rays.
  6. I have a sunshade in the car.
  7. I bring a scarf.

Scott's pile of sunscreen and hats and sunglasses

Each item has a purpose

I bring each item for specific purposes. Most focus on protecting my arms, head, and neck. When I am driving, I make sure to have my cover-up or towel handy to block the sun from different angles within the car. I always try to bring enough to share with others. The goal is to be prepared. Even on cloudy days or during the winter, harmful rays can bear down on me. In short, I bring my sun protection the road with me.

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