Sun Shun

Life is certainly very interesting especially during the summer days!

Now and then

In younger years, my circle of friends was made up of those who sought after all that was fun-loving play under the big warm sunshine.

Today holds a perspective with a keen difference. Newly retired, I find my circle affords me membership into a special group known as the “Ladies who Lunch”.

Meeting recently at a delightful restaurant on the water, we converged upon the establishment. Our hellos and hugs were warm and embracing while immediately the conversation was excitedly crisscrossing ears as we awaited our table.

However then I notice what may be the beginnings of a new pattern as they brought us to a fabulous table on their outdoor patio.

Avoiding the sun

First, each friend scoped out just the right place to sit, as our table had an umbrella but did not cover the entire setting.

After several rounds of musical chairs we settled in. Then one friend reaches into her bag and produces a bottle of sunscreen for us to use. So wise to bring, but who would have thought to apply at a restaurant during lunch!

Now that’s when we shared our last dermatologist visits describing surgical scars here and biopsies there. Passing the sunscreen like it was the salt shaker, those whose body parts were peeking out into the sun, lathered up.

We spoke how we now scorned those days when we used the iodine and silver foil to actually attract the sun even on perfect beach days.

Thank heaven we are still here, able to laugh at ourselves, all the while hiding in the shade of that once iconic summer sun! And now it’s time to change chairs again, cue the music…

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