Holiday Shopping and Skin Care

It’s that time of the year, with long lines, traffic, and package delivery vans on every street corner. It’s the holidays! People are traveling to some degree again and gift-giving is once again at a premium. I am excited about family gatherings and lots of food and fun. I have missed it. It’s the shopping part that gets me a little annoyed. I never quite know what to give people. Ties, socks, scarves? Desk sets? It seems like people have access to almost everything they want these days at the tap of a smartphone.

UV protection gifts for everybody!

I am going a different route this year. I am giving peace of mind. That’s priceless, right? My gifts will be items that protect my family and friends from dangerous ultraviolet rays. My gifts can be enjoyed all year round. They are gifts that keep on giving whether on mountain tops in Colorado, in the valleys below, on swanky beaches in Florida, or on the toasty deserts of Arizona.

Here is my holiday gift-giving list (all of which can be easily found online):

Wide-brimmed hats

These hats can be very fashionable. These are not your dad’s bucket hats. Many now have SPF (sun protection factor) ratings that give peace of mind whether one is in the midday sun at the park or during a long day of fishing.

Sun protective clothing

Fabric sun protection is measured by UPF (ultraviolet protection factor), which measures how much ultraviolet radiation, or ultraviolet rays, may pass through clothing to skin. This is slightly different than SPF, which is a measure of the time these rays can burn the skin. T-shirts alone offer about a tenth of the protection of UPF 50 fabrics. These clothing options are now very comfortable, fashionable, and more affordable than even a few years ago.

Sunscreen gift bag

Sunscreen can now be found in make-up foundation, lip balm, everyday facial lotion, sport varieties (for those who actively sweat), spray for the scalp, and in a selection of strengths, scents, tints, and formulas. I will be giving mineral sunscreens that actually block the rays and are ocean-friendly.

An outdoor chair with sun shade

Whether you are fishing on a dock, sitting at your child’s ballgame, or enjoying a picnic, these cool lawn chairs provide comfort and sun protection. Put up your feet, sip your drink from the cup holder, and enjoy the day while protecting yourself. Then fold up, pack, and go! I love this gift.

Car window tinting

First of all, let me suggest that you check your local laws for any prohibition of using this product. If you sit in your car for hours at a time in direct sunlight, then you could probably benefit from SPF window tinting for your car windows. Harmful ultraviolet rays can pass through glass and reach your skin. Think about those long drives and how much exposure you are getting. Window tinting can be installed in your home as well.

All of these products can be purchased online and delivered to your door (or your family member’s/friend’s) doors. Check them out and find reviews for products you are considering. Of course, there is a myriad of other items that would help people protect themselves, but this is a good start. Oh, and one more gift has already come your way, free access to and other writer’s great articles year-round!

What UV-protection-conscious gifts will you be buying for the holidays?

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