I'm 44yrs young and living with Skin Cancer

Was diagnosed in my late 30's after being a sun worshiper as far back as I can remember. Tanning beds, beaches, and baby oil were my addiction. One spot led to a basal cell carcinoma surgery... then 2... then 3... and now 7 surgeries later.

I now have over 100 spots.

This has consumed my life. I'm so ashamed and embarrassed by my skin that was once flawless. I'm envious of that glowing, soft skin that I see these women with everyday. I've ruined every white T-shirt, every beautiful comforter and towel I own. They scab, they bleed, they itch, they burn but never heal. The surgery scars are horrific as well. It's caused me to be so insecure about my body that I can't imagine undressing in front of anyone ever again. It has totally both physically and mentally consumed my life. The depression it has caused bc my physical insecurities now are a whole other story. I'm glad I was referred to this group recently by Judy Noble. What an inspiration she is. I need this group more than ever now. Everyday is a gift and I can't go back and change anything but I can spread the word and NOT feel alone anymore.

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