9 Facial Surgeries Since 2006

When I was young we didn't know about the effect the sun had on skin. I worked in the orchards from the time I was twelve till almost eighteen and received many burns. I had squamous cell removed from my nose and 8 basal cell on my face. One required grafting and all were pretty deep. I have a sore on the bridge of my nose that I wouldn't let him biopsy when I had the last three surgeries but will do so this next visit, I've had a couple of small basal cell on my arms. Honestly I dread seeing the doctor every 6 months. I keep suntan lotion on all the time but he said the damage was done when young. I'm grateful that I haven't had melanoma and keep reminding my family and friends to protect themselves. I joked with my doctor that I think I'm now getting cancer on the grafts.

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