Only Had a Wart!

It appeared quite unexpectedly on the left side of my scalp. Because I kept catching it with my comb and was worried about it bleeding I contacted my GP. Our surgery operates with a call back system before appointments are allocated but my GP said to come in that afternoon. Great!

Wart is fine, skin cancer is not

I saw a locum GP who seemed to glance past my wart but said she was concerned with the cancer on the top of my scalp. Er! Was not expecting that! However, I had noticed a brownish dry skin area near my parting but thought I needed some medicated shampoo to shift a stubborn piece of scurf. But no! The doctor prescribed Efudex twice a day. I had applied the cream sparingly for four weeks with a cotton bud and finished the treatment 10 days ago. It is only the size of a 1p coin but soon became red and irritating.

Able to colour my hair

I know this sounds extremely vain but I was desperate for a salon visit for a good cut and colour. GP said it should be fine but suggest that if it becomes too painful and sore then stop and wash off immediately. My stylist was brilliant! she applied a barrier cream over the area and coloured my hair carefully avoiding that spot.

My husband takes a weekly photo and this week (two weeks post treatment) if appears still red and a little bumpy! Two more weeks was advised by my GP and it should be noticeably clear.

I wish I'd been more sensible

My story seems nothing compared to many I have read but I wish I had been more sensible over the years and not sought that tan - being fair I never managed it anyway! I can now advise my loved ones and friends to cover up and keep applying the sun-cream. It the only thing we can endeavour to do.

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