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Do you have any tips for treatment on the scalp?

Surgery on one's head can be very scary! What would you tell someone who's nervous about an upcoming skin cancer treatment on their scalp (prep, what to expect, etc)?

  1. I had Mohr surgery on my left forehead it took four hours. You need to have the surgery to be healthy. Talk to your surgeon about your fears and ask about options. Stress with your surgeon to take all the cancer this time no radiation later. My surgery did not heal as planned but it did heal. I had two more excursions later that were very minor and healed very well. Take courage and do what is right.

    1. My husband is scheduled for mohs on scalp ( squamous) early January. I'll let you know how it goes. 😀

      1. Thank you, ! It would be fantastic to have your experience to add to BPGraham's! Wishing him luck and hoping all goes smoothly. - Nina, Team

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