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Last updated: June 2022

After 280+ surgeries (50% were Mohs), melanoma, and hundreds of actinic keratoses frozen I was down and depressed and had to do something besides being cut on. I started going to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. I love the dermatologist I got there. She doesn't like to cut unless absolutely necessary. She injects suspicious places with Efudex. She recommended Efudex on my lower legs by using Unna boot. You apply Efudex once per week changing the bandage at that time for four weeks. I am to start my first Efudex treatment with the Unna wrap on my arms when I return from vacation. She started me on Acitretin 25mg per day and Nicotinamide 1000mg per day for all the AKs I had. I have been on the medications for three months and she has taken me off Acitretin as it was really working well on the AKs and my total skin but it is not a long-term medication. I had two rounds of blue light therapy on my arms. The Acitretin has some mean side effects but I have not had to be cut on and I was constantly being cut on with my previous dermatologist. I am a redhead and I could have been the poster child for skin cancer, but I am having some great results and my skin is looking great.

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