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Mother with Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Hello – I write here for my mother. She has had many burns and Mohs surgery for squamous cell growths. She has had reconstructive surgery on her left, lower eye lid twice for recurrent squamous cell cancer. She has had numerous growths removed all over her body and the latest on her chest was considered a “invasive squamous cell carcinoma”. We are going to the dermatologist again for another large growth on her shoulder. The ones on her legs don’t heal well because she has swollen legs due to heart failure. It seems every 3 months we are having another growth removed. What does this all mean? Does she have cancer? Is there a medication she can take to calm these growths down?

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  • hawkfan01 author
    8 months ago

    Hi Nina – Thank you for the links. Very informative! Amazing things happening for cancer these days.

  • hawkfan01 author
    8 months ago

    TY for your reply! I’ve been caring for my mother for almost 7 yrs now and I can’t even count the number of times we’ve had to see the dermatologist for growth removal. The dermatologists never tell us what is going on. I guess I thought that because she is 92 yrs old that they are just managing her conditions and doing what is necessary to keep up with her needs.

    Do I need to know any more about what’s going on? Is it necessary that I know the stage or what all these squamous cell growths are doing – if anything?

    The surgery doctor recently told her that she is not to have any more Mohs surgery – that the treating doctor is to just burn the growths off. But the one she has going on now is big. It’s on her shoulder and seems to be growing by the day. We see the doctor on Oct 31st for that one, but she has growths all over her face that need attention. It just seems like we live at the office now. Lol. I don’t know what we can do. Perhaps they don’t want to tell a 92 yr old woman anything bad? We make 3 months appointments, but we usually have to schedule before that.

    She was a sun worhipper her whole life and never wore sun screen. Played golf in Florida all the time. It’s really showing now I guess.

  • Nina M moderator
    8 months ago

    Dear @hawkfan01, I am so sorry your mother is going through this ordeal with invasive squamous cell. It sounds quite aggressive and overwhelming for you both, especially you as her caregiver.

    Squamous cell carcinoma is indeed cancer, and I’m glad you’re reaching out to understand more! Hoping your docs take it seriously as well. I’m not sure how the heart issues would affect these treatments, but I’m sharing some info here:
    On traditional options:
    On a new medication approved for SCC:
    I hope this is helpful! Please check in with your derm, and if they don’t provide sufficient answers, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion. And do let us know how things go too! – Nina, Team

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