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Jen’s Story

I was diagnosed with nodular melanoma October 2016 after 4 months of insisting a spot be removed from my right temple. It itched so bad and bled. November 1, 2016, I underwent wle and slnb. Replacing the spot on my right temple with a full thickness skin graft from my left neck. The melanoma was 0.21mm deep, non ulcerated, non mitogenic. I underwent lymph node dissection of my right face and neck November 29, 2016, removing 42 nodes. All were negative. This put me at stage 3a. All scans were clear. February 2017, I started immunotherapy Yervoy. I have my 7th infusion scheduled next month. We plan to do 8 treatments and then monitor. I had a small set back in August 2017, when the derm found basal cell carcinoma on my bottom lip. I underwent Mohs surgery in September.
I was diagnosed at 36 years old. I have 3 children and a great husband who need me, so for them, I will continue to fight!

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  • Eileen.B moderator
    2 years ago

    You’ve been through a lot in the past year, Jen! I’m very grateful you shared your story. Your fighting spirit is impressive — I know it’s not easy to sustain. I’d love to hear more about what immunotherapy has been like, if you’re willing to share? I hope you’re feeling stronger every day. Thanks so much for posting. -Eileen, Team

  • JenRauzi author
    2 years ago

    Hi! I’d love to share. I have had 6 doses 10mg yervoy infusions so far. The plan is to do 8.
    Usually my infusions go unnoticed. I itch a lot and get a slight rash from time to time. I also experience nausea off and on for a few weeks after. Zofran clears this for me.
    After the second dose, however, I did end up with non stop coughing, chest pain, bronchitis, and red irritated eyes. I was put on some antibiotics and it cleared up quickly.
    I have another dose Dec 11 and a pet scan. I know it will be clear

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