Life at the Beach

I grew up on the LI sound, walked out the front door, in the water...a great childhood of swimming and fishing, I used to swim in interclub races. I always had great skin, not even a pimple, we never used sun screen back in the day (I'm 63). I don't think our parents knew.

When I turned 50, my skin was still good, BUT I noticed a tiny spot on my nose that just wouldn't go away. I waited some time and finally went to a dermatologist, lo and behold I had skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma (bcc), the surgeon took many layers off.

I had to have a flap from my eye over my nose with many stitches. I never looked at the wound that day, was petrified. The next day I had to clean the wound, took off the bandage and fell to the floor! My nose was so distorted. As time went by, after a few fraxel laser treatments, my wound was looking great. A lil tip from my dermatologist: put a clean, cool cloth soaked in milk on the face for comfort, it really worked. I have to say, no one would notice anything.

I did have 2 more MOHs surgeries, squamous on my lip and cheek. So far so good, I just wish I could get some more laser treatments to even out my skin. It's been a while now and my nose is a lil off color and a but bumpy. However insurance doesn't cover the laser now. I'm always on the lookout for laser clinical trials. Over all I'm very happy and grateful. I always wear a hat and never go out without sunscreen and go out later in the afternoon if possible. I preach to everyone the importance of sunscreen and prevention...forever grateful for my surgeons.

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