Removal of a Melanoma (Nose Cancer)

The melanoma growth was on the bridge of the nose, I had had it for many years. The was a biopsy taken back in 2007, and the result was sun damage. It remained a spot until 2021.

Melanoma removal on my nose

When I underwent heart surgery in February 2012, within six weeks, it began to grow quite quickly, so my doctor sent for a biopsy. By the time I had the biopsy, it was too late. Since it took six months before the biopsy appointment, no urgency was applied for the biopsy. This led to the removal of my nose completely.

Follow-up since melanoma removal on my nose

Until this point, everything seemed quite easy however the follow-up has not been too pleasant. I feel as though I have a cold, but I don't. I must clean the nasal passage as well as I can every two to three hours, even at night, just to try to breathe easier.

I have tried to find out what I can do to make life easier, but nothing seems to reduce the discomfort. I will bring this notation up to date later in my treatment.

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