Stories – My Cancer

My first cancer was diagnosed in 2007 on my left arm. I was told that I had Scc and that I would need surgery to remove it, and that I would not be able to use that arm for a month. Well that was a little hard since I am left handed but I survived.

My next cancer diagnosis came two years later when I was told that I had cancer again in the same area on my left arm and it was also Scc. Now I have a scar that go from my elbow down to my wrist.

In 2013 while having my body exam done the doctor found a black mole on my foot which turn out to be pre melanoma on my foot. So that was removed, that was the most painful shot I have ever had.

And now this year in January I had Scc on my nose that had been diagnosed two years ago as pre cancerous but never developed into anything. Until now, it was removed but it was so deep that I had to have two surgery done. One to remove the cancer and the other to close the wound. That scar runs from my ear under my eye and down the side of my nose.

And in one week I have to have surgery again because more Scc has been found on my left arm again.

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