Treatments For Skin Cancer

I am from the UK. I have a basal cell carcinoma on my scalp. It has been left untreated for a year because my general practitioner failed to diagnose it. Eventually, I was referred by the NHS to a plastic surgeon at a semi-private organization specializing in day surgery. The surgeon said excision was required, which would be carried out within the next 6 weeks.

Back to square one

Then COVID-19 intervened. I waited long beyond the 6 weeks and then enquired. I was given an appointment at a local hospital, where I was told I shouldn't have been referred to the plastic surgeon as I didn't come within her catchment area. So I was back to square one.

The dermatologist I was seeing suddenly offered to carry out a procedure involving scooping out the cancer ('curettage') that same day. When I hesitated, he seemed put out, and then started to backtrack, saying that I would be left with an open wound, vulnerable to infection if not carefully looked after. I was left in complete confusion after this appointment.

Left in confusion

The nurse took a photograph of the carcinoma and said that my case would be discussed. So I am left still with no idea of what treatment I will have, where or when. I would be grateful for any advice. My carcinoma is just below the apex of my head, about 2 cms in diameter.

How long can it safely be left? I just want it removed with a minimum of scarring.

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