Turning 50

When I was 31, there was a small red bump on my chest that I thought was strange. I asked my PCP and he sent me to my dermatologist who removed it and confirmed that it was a BCC.

13 BCC's later with 2 skin grafts on my nose and a round of Imiquimod on my nose I'm a little bit over it. I asked my Derma surgeon why I was so lucky. I really don't feel like I laid out or went to the tanning bed any more than my peers. He basically said some people just draw the short straw.

So, I'm sharing my story #1- I love Coolibar products and this allegedly gets me another entry. #2- BCC is cancer. I'm blessed it's not a malignant cancer but it certainly is an issue for me. #3- I have super high anxiety about seeing a dermatologist every time and this seems to be common. The good news is I have an amazing surgeon who has done fabulous work...

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