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Dangerous Delay?

  • By JustBob

    SCC on hand.
    Mohs surgeon is booked 3 months out.
    is this delay pose serious consequence?

  • By Gammy5

    Because I am not a doctor, I could not say if it was dangerous or not. I can only say that I would not wait 3 months to have a SCC removed from anywhere on MY body. Good luck to you!

    • By NinaHU Keymaster

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here, @gammy5! It’s hard to say as none of us are medical professionals, but we all have a certain comfort level with how long we’re willing to wait. I hope @justbob doesn’t mind me sharing that on his Q&A he responded that there had been a cancellation, so he’s getting in earlier (link to Q&A here:!

      JustBob, feel free to let us know if you have any updates, and wishing you both the best! – Nina, Team