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Furry friends help us heal

  • By JerseyGirl

    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to share with you that our furry friends can help us with our healing. I’m sure that most of us have a pet to keep us company, to talk to, and cuddle with. Did you know that our furry friends know when we are sad, upset, sick or happy. Their senses are highly developed. They observe everything, they know our scent, understand our tone of voice, they know our daily routine, we are part of their “pack” if not their world. They try their best to comfort us.
    They show it in a variety of ways, they may sit on our lap or sit with us on the sofa and cuddle.
    My cat Nicky always knows when I’m not feeling well or upset. She’ll lay on my lap and look up at me, as she extends her front leg toward my face and boops me on the nose with her paw. It makes me laugh. Sometimes she licks my hand, and does kneading, like kneading dough, with her front paws into my stomach. Then lays down and grooms herself before settling in for some petting by me. She’ll lay there sometimes for hours until I feel better. Then she’ll leave when she feels that I’m better. Sometimes she stays outside my bedroom door all night. She only does this when she’s really concerned about me.
    Does anyone else have this experience? Please share if you do.

  • By JerseyGirl

    Thank you very much for the link. Unfortunately I am not on Facebook. I am on Instagram. I have pictures of my cat.
    I can’t post the link here but you can find me under Connorl282018.