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  • By marty

    Hi, noticed a small mole on my back couple of years ago. Pointed it out to my Gp. She felt it was nothing to worry about but asked if I wanted it removed for cosmetic reasons. I was concerned and said yes. Waited 14 months to see a Derm. he felt it was unusual and removed it and sent it for biopsy. No stitches just a bandaid. 3 weeks after. leaves me a voice mail. pathology came back , its basal cell, both nodule and I think she said positional, could not understand on message.And to come back in 3 months for a follow up.Was unable to speak with her, just receptionist for an appointment. Little concern about the small removal of tissue only.

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  • By NinaHU Keymaster

    Hi @marty, thank you for reaching out about this! It’s frustrating having to wait so long, and not receive much of an explanation, though both issues are quite common. I’m sharing this article that talks about BCC: Because BCC is very slow growing, and almost never spreads far, there may not be harm in waiting until the follow up to find out more. I very much hope they’re willing to walk you through all the info at that appointment, and answer any questions. Thinking of you and please reach out anytime, especially for an update about your appointment! – Nina, Team

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