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Preparing for Skin Cancer Surgery: Tips & Tricks for the Big Day

No matter how prepared we think we are for skin cancer surgery, there is always that one little thing that slips past us.

Preparing for skin cancer surgery

If you have ever had surgery for skin cancer, you know that it’s easy to forget some of those little things when your mind is on the procedure itself and pending lab results. Our dermatologists prepare us for their part of the surgery, but there is generally no one standing by to help us with the details on our end.

Tips and tricks for preparation and aftercare

I was recently diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. It’s been several years since my last Mohs surgery and 14 years since the excision of my melanoma--I am a little rusty, but it all came back to me once I entered prep mode. In this video, I share some tips that get me through the awkwardness of the surgery and the struggle to find the right mix of aftercare supplies. What do you do to prepare for surgery? Let us know in the comment section!

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