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I went to dermatologist for a sore that didn’t heal on my forehead. Biopsy came back basal cell. He did a complete body scan and found another on my scalp. Biopsy also came back basal cell. I have Mohs scheduled for 9-11-19. I am totally scared that my scalp since it is old will be deep and massive on the outside it is maybe 1/2 inch.. He told me…

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@tojo…I’m so sorry you’ve been hit hard with the side effects of Efudex. It’s so hard to tell exactly how the cream will affect each user. Infections are more common than you might think with this treatment, and the nose seems to be a very sketchy area to treat. The creases of the nose are just the worst!

I’m including an article on the…

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Thank you for the information. I am on my 5th week and have not used any lotions on my scalp. I have not had any problems other than some itching and minor weeping. There is now some crust over the Bowen’s disease site ( biopsy site ). I assume this is normal. One more week to go. How does one know if this has removed all the diseased cells ?

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@doninajijic, I’m also a 62yo white male also, long history of AKs and just recently a squame cut out of my arm. I was pretty amazed at the size of it, especially as it was under an almost invisible bump on the surface.

I am not looking forward to a future of “wait and cut” and have been thinking that an effudex regimen every 9-10 months or so…

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I had to search for biopsies of internal organs…… gruesome. But the melanoma pigment shows; it is the closest I could get without calling up a health professional on the matter haha. I can only assume with a mole size lesion it could possibly be more noticable in more area and yet more dispersed in others making it not visible to…

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Thank you for reporting back, @sami-91! I’m curious where you found the answer, and if it’s shareable feel free to link to it in reply. Have you had any results yet? Wishing you well! – Nina, Team

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Not bad! I’ve had melonoma stage 0 once and squamous cell 18 times on both legs since total knee replacements and still recurring as we speak. Two more currently. I am seriously looking for a skin oncologist for some answers. Currently only have a dermatologist and sometimes. Mohs surgeon. Currently for next surgery in few weeks I’m supposed to…

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I hope those side effects are gone very soon, @freckles. Sure sounds awful! Sorry you’re going through that. We always advise people to share symptoms with their doctor so they can monitor your progress to help you feel better.

To answer your question, yes, many people in our community have experience with Efudex, but remember everyone reacts…

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So did they find the source? Whether or not they did, I hope you get another opinion, preferably at a cancer center where they have a lot of “tricks” up their sleeve such as trials and different protocols. You sure hear a lot of stories about people who are still here years after being told they only had a short time to live ! – Ronni, Team