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I truly believe that everyone’s stories are compelling and inspiring, and especially hard to grasp for each individual. No matter the length, difficulty, or journey in general, hearing the word cancer is difficult enough. We count our blessings, but please don’t compare your story in difficulty to mine! I trust that it was difficult enough, and…

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Sorry no one in our community shared an experience with a DecisionDx gene expression profile test, @maryrose. I hope you’re doing well now and on a path to healing. Would you like to share how your testing went for others that happen upon your question? -Eileen, Team

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@moonmomma….I don’t know what some doctors are thinking. It really seems like they would want to keep us updated on all the decisions they make as they make them. I’m so sorry you have had to deal with this and even more sorry you weren’t told up front!

I have used Efudex yearly since 2014. The first time was an eye-opener for sure. I had no…

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I was 43 when I was diagnosed with melanoma. I’ve searched and searched online for information and only found doom and gloom and just sterile (medical) information. I happened upon this site and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for, REAL people talking about living with skin cancer. I found an immediate sense of community. I read as many articles…

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@suedt, I’m sorry to hear you got rescheduled! I’m sure you were ready to get through it and check in about any spots. Thank you for sharing your perspective on scars – I’m glad you feel comfortable and I think it’s so true that others don’t notice most of what we see ourselves. Do let us know how things go! – Nina, Team

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Well my appointment was rescheduled so I now go for my annual check in two weeks and will update here any new spots biopsies. I and aware of my scar but I don’t think others really see it. I don’t use coverup often and I think this is me and my experience. If I was younger it may affect me more.

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I love this site. I love the stories of the brave persons that submit both stories and pictures. The good they do cannot be overestimated.Sincere thanks. And we also deeply appreciate the updates from individuals who have endured surgery and those who have endured both surgery and reconstruction. Please keep the stories coming. Thank you all, Byrne.

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Good News today! Second round of biopsies clear. Follow up in two weeks. Now to invest in a good face sunscreen. Thanks for all of your support!