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mimie posted an update 3 days, 9 hours ago

Feeling a little uncomfortable from 2 scars, MOHS surgery. My Dr. checked the scars and everything is normal.

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blondebass commented on the post, The “New Normal:” When the Battle Armor Comes Off 5 days, 7 hours ago

I completely agree! After my treatment I felt great, mostly because I didn’t even realize how badly I felt physically after awhile. It was such a high to physically feel good again. Then about six months later I crashed because, as you mention, we ARE different after treatment. It took a good 10 months – and a skydiving experience – to help me…

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NinaHU commented on the post, 7 Spots Melanoma May Be Hiding 1 week ago

@Blondiebeckie, your story really reinforces that you need a specialist with a good reputation looking at your skin. I’m glad he believed you, and would hate to think what could’ve happened if he hadn’t. I’m sharing an article that has some wisdom from other folks who had to insist on spots being biopsied:…

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Linda M commented on the post, A Look Back 1 week, 3 days ago

Hi Ken. Thanks for sharing. I got my diagnosis on my birthday in Feb 2013. My melanoma started in my lymph node (at least that’s what they think). I had surgery to remove 20 lymph nodes and had a year of interferon therapy (really rough). But a year later, the melanona returned in my liver. I then began treatment with Keytruda, an…