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Hi @CLinda, first of all I think it’s a very good first step that you’re reaching out about how hard this is. You can absolutely be happy about being NED while also struggling with these changes. It must be so difficult to realize that your body has been permanently and visibly changed. This article about scars touches on some of these issues,…

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Wow, you’ve been through a lot, @patsfaith, but your tenacity and strength shines brightly through it all! I’m so impressed that after such a stressful recovery from surgery, you focus on being grateful for your health. Thanks for sharing your experience, no doubt it will inspire others. -Eileen, Team

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I’m struggling living with the way I look after surgery to remove two tumors on my scalp right in front. I have a 4 inch by 5 inch bald patch the size of your palm. It’s also got scars where they attached skin graft from my thigh. I know I should be happy it’s been a year without more melanoma but my life is forever changed. I just can’t believe…

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I’m sorry you’re dealing with basal cell. You are far from alone in your battle. I know you’re stressing right now. We’re glad you found our community!

I haven’t had basal on my scalp, but have known a few people who have. I don’t think I would cut my hair prior to surgery. I think I’d wait it out and see how much shaving they will need to do…

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I was so pleased to see this post. I have experienced, and amstill experiencing all of the things you are going through. I had a pink patch of skin on my left cheek, and in 2000 I was diagnosed as being inIntermediate Stage of Melanoma. I had most of my left cheek removed. Between 2000 and2002 I had four more smaller surgeries. I appeared to…