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I’m glad it’s getting easier, @Roddles. I can completely understand being anxious to see some progress after 17 days. Luckily it sounds like it just needed a little more time. Enjoy your overseas adventure! – Nina, Team

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I am so sorry to hear your story. Your words really touched me as you said you did not see your life going this way . I have had BCC removed from my leg and currently just finished Efudex treatment on my chest and upper lip . I am so very scared it hasn’t worked and even if it has , when and where will the next little damned spot appear . I am t…

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Moonmomma talks about the trauma of diagnosis and realizing the relationship between melanoma & mental health…

Growing up on the beach
I practically grew up on the beach. I like to think of myself as young, […]

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My mother is 93 yrs old with invasive squamous cell carcinoma. She can’t take vitamin D orally, so she sits in the sun for about 30 – 40 minutes on days that are not too hot and humid, for her vitamin D.

She s […]

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I finally had my follow-up appointment with the dermatologist and she was very happy with my results (and the many photos I took). There was a small amount of slightly rough skin on one side of my nose which her intern sprayed lightly with liquid nitrogen. Next appointment in 6 months; she anticipates just having to spray a couple of places a…

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I am so sorry you had to go through all that! I am happy to hear you didn’t have too much pain. I am so happy to hear you are so positive. You may have less nose, but you are still here! Keep being positive and may you have no more BCC.