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Aggressive Basal Cell

Has anyone been told they have an aggressive Basel cell he said it went into the fat layer, and dummy me should of asked more questions .waiting on biopsy for Basel cell and squamous cell didn't get it all the first time.

  1. Well it's been 9 days and no word from Dr o biopsys ,so maybe I'm in the clear.

    1. It's quite frustrating to me that doctors don't always call back with the results, positive or negative. I suppose it cuts down on time not to have to notify if it's benign, but it would certainly be helpful to get a call for peace of mind. Marcia wrote a story here about not hearing back after a month and still wondering: Some community members suggested calling, but it's completely up to you! Often they'll tell you no news means good news. - Nina, Team

      1. Yes, I know that.

        1. This is going no where.

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