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Any advice for scanxiety?

From the community: I'm always so anxious before exams, it's really distracting and stressful!

  1. It really is best not to stress. (I know. Easier said than done!) Amping up the anxiety level only makes the visit more miserable if you are already nervous. It's best to focus on the positives. Think about how you've been proactive, you are using sun protection, you are keeping sunscreen handy, and you are avoiding peak hours. The very fact that you have an appointment in a few hours should be a relief. If there is a trouble area or spot, your dermatologist is on top of it and quickly. Hang in there! You have things under control and a great support system here!

    1. Know this: it is completely normal to be anxious before appointments. Don't feel guilty for feeling nervous, because you're then just adding guilt on top of anxiety. I get anxious before every appointment, and although I wish I wouldn't, I know it's going to happen. The key is trying to keep anxiety at a minimum. One thing that works for me is telling myself that 'two hours from now this be all over with'. Or if it's the day before and I'm really feeling anxious, 'this time tomorrow, it will be finished.' Focus on the future - as in after the appointment. Keep looking ahead!

      1. I have advice as a psychologist and a patient who has had skin cancer. You are already doing the right thing by going for your exam. Remind yourself that you're doing the best thing for your health by having the exam. The day before, or the days before if you're anxious then, my advice is to try to do an activity that helps you relax. For me, that meant going walking with a friend and taking an exercise class. I also did some yoga. But I recommend doing whatever relaxes you. I also recommend trying to distract yourself from the exam. I think distraction is a great coping mechanism when you are already taking action, in other words, when it doesn't keep you from doing what is necessary to protect yourself (i.e., having an exam). So do whatever it takes to distract yourself.

        1. Thank you everyone!! Fantastic advice and much appreciated. If you see comments about appointment anxiety, this is a great one to share along with any articles.

          As always, looking forward to more answers from our community! Don't hesitate to comment with your experiences.

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