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BCC on the back of my (bad) ankle - seeking healing advice

BACKGROUND: I have a new basal cell carcinoma on the back of my rt ankle sitting over the achilles tendon. Last December-2022 I had a failing ankle replacement removed so a new revisable system could be put in after 14 years with the first (result of auto accident). This was a 6 hour surgery that created a couple of fractures during the removal. I called my surgeon because I was terrified to get a deep excision "there" and went in for the next step. He assured me if my tendon was cut in any way he could fix it, but I don't want it cut at all! I have expected swelling there until the 12 month point and want that area to return to a normal state from the surgery before anything else is done there! I asked her what she would do if it was her and she agreed that a conservative approach would be her choice as well so she cut some more off but not enough to require stitches. And I agreed to return if it doesn't heal properly.

My question here is - any suggestion for what I can apply to this scab to aid in healing? I live in SWFL it's very humid/hot here and I am an avid gardener trying to still recover from the damage of Hurricane Ian - I cover my ankle when gardening so it can't get dirty, but I like the air to be on that area as much as possible to aid in healing. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you.

  1. I was hoping someone could provide some advice here - I'll ask again - any suggestions now that my scab has fallen off, on what types of healing cream I could use? I'm not able to say this is resolved, but I'm praying the "conservative" treatment they agreed to do will be enough.

    1. I apologize for just getting back to you now. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer medical or treatment advice as we are not medical professionals. It sounds like you’ve been taking steps to keep the area clean which is important. Have you been able to discuss the use of any creams with your doctor? Are you looking for something to help speed up healing and reduce scarring or help treat any possible remaining BCC? If you’re looking for suggestions for scarring, this article shares some of the options other community members have found helpful Please do not hesitate to reach out if we can help provide any further information. All my best, Julie (team member)

  2. Thank you Julie for the reply. It is now recurring, I want to exhaust any natural remedies before I have this area cut again so my ankle can continue to heal. I have everything I need for scar healing, wish it was all I was looking for! My doctor knows what the issue is and is willing to go conservative for now.

    1. I can understand wanting to give your ankle more time to heal. It sounds like you’re working closely with your doctor and keeping a close eye on the area. I hope the approach you’re taking is successful💕. All my best, Julie (team member)

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