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Can I use cling film

Hi, I am starting to use Effudex for Bowen’s disease on each side of my ankle.
I need to wear long pants to protect from the sun but I can see that I will get some transference of the cream on my pants and this could go to another part of my ankle so is it ok to cover with something like cling film
Cheers Carole

  1. I understand your concern. I have had similar questions myself. I think you will find that the cream will absorb fairly quickly when you are applying a thin layer. Typically, my doctor doesn't suggest wrapping or bandaging the treated area.

    To keep the cream from transferring, I suggest you apply it 30 minutes to an hour before you dress. As you continue to treat, you will likely notice that the cream absorbs more and more quickly.

    I am including an article you might find helpful as you start treatment.


    Please know we are here for you! Reach out--we will be here!

    April, SkinCancer.net, Moderator

    1. Thank you

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