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How will BCC excision near the eye affect me?

I just had excision surgery to remove basal cell carcinoma from the corner of my eye medial canthus area. Has anyone else experienced this? I am wondering about my recovery and how this will affect my eye and risk of recurrence.

  1. Hi. I had Mohs surgery for basal cell carcinoma twice, both times near my eye. Not the corner of my eye, but about one inch away from my eye, on the side of my nose. And the second time the surgery was to remove a basal cell next to my eyebrow. I had been concerned about swelling and possibly not being able to see out of my eye, but I applied the ice pack and the swelling was minimal. How are you feeling?

    1. My surgery was a week ago I still have stitches. A flap from my eyelid basically rebuilt the corner of my eye. My eye is red and itchy and waters a lot
      I worry that it will heal properly. It was a nodular bcc the size of a pinhead

  2. What instructions have they given you and when do you go back for a check up? I went back to the surgeon about 1 1/2 weeks later, I believe. How is your healing? And what did they tell you to expect?

    1. I. go back to doctors on Friday.
      I was told ice keep covered with Bacatracin. and sleep propped up. I am feeling better tonight. I want these stitches out lol
      I have a lot of questions This is my 3rd surgery for BCC on my face since November it happened so fast. I need to write all my questions down and ask my doctor I keep getting overwhelmed they seem to always have me more bad news
      All cancer sucks!

  3. Just putting it out there as I personally have had amazing success.

    Euphorbia plepus, milkweed, cancer weed.

    If the white sap stings, continue application until no reaction. Is painful during healing, but 21 days cleared a dime size growth on my throat over 2 years ago, with no recurrence.
    Does not react on healthy skin.
    My doctor also recommended surgery, and wasn't interested when I presented a month later with no further issue.
    Best of luck.

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